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Making music is extremely rewarding but it also takes a lot of time and money.  That’s why you’re support is so important.  These days, musicians make very little income through album sales, especially those of the independent persuasion.

I’ve always made my music available for free download and have been fortunate enough to receive donations from some very awesome and loyal music fans.  Recently, I created a Patreon page, as well as a Paypal link, so that anyone who wants to help me finish my next EP, make music videos, and even go on tour can do so with the click of a few buttons.

Paypal.Me Kimberly Lola


Any amount you donate will go directly towards funding my music.  Two songs for my next EP have already been recorded but so much more needs to be done. It would be so wonderful if I could release the album this year and have some other goodies to offer all of you, as well.  My goal is always to provide quality ear candy for those who appreciate good music, and I am dedicated to my purpose.

I accept all forms of support.  Even if you can’t donate money, please download my EPs for free, like, comment on, and share my social media posts, photos, and videos. You are part of my musical journey and together we can do great things.  Let’s get some more diversity out there in the music scene!

Love to all of you,

Kimberly Lola


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